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Mold testing methods – We asked the real pros

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It is possible that molds can massively grow in your house and harm you and your property. There are several methods conducted to remove and prevent them from negative effects on your health and property. One of these methods is called mold testing.

Mold Testing is a process in which mold testing professionals will examine your house in different ways in order to gather results and information concerning the occurrence of mold problem in your house.

Mold Testing Methods

Mold testing is indeed necessary to conduct, especially when your house is positive from a mold problem. There are actually three different types of mold testing.

  • Air Sampling
  • Tape Sampling
  • Swab Sampling
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These methods are applied in case if there’s a mold problem in your house. These methods are reliable since the results coming from them are 99% valid.

Using the method of air sampling to test if there's a mold contamination is reliable if used properly. Tape sampling, another method of mold testing, is somehow critical to conduct. While swab sampling, or commonly called as bulk testing is the most reliable of all three methods.

With these facts, it is important to hire mold professionals to identify molds properly and remove them from your house. Ensure that the mold professionals that you will hire are really skilled and have knowledge in all aspects of mold testing, including the knowledge about molds, mold testing protocols, mold testing methods, and interpretation of results.

If the molds in your house are already visible you may go to mold testing experts in order to clear their type and the best way of removing them. If this is your case, you should obviously hire our mold cleaning service in order to properly remove molds.

2 Major Types of Mold Testing

There are two main types of mold testing. The first one is called viable testing and the other is called non-viable testing.

Viable Testing

This method is conducted by gathering samples to be incubated and identified in the laboratory. Viable testing can be like air and bulk sampling of mold contamination. This method will give you more accurate information.

Professionals do viable testing through swabbing, where they gently gather mold sample in a moldy surface area and put them in a tube, or through using special equipment, where the equipment used will suck air into a dish that contains an agar.

Non-Viable Testing

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This method can actually obtain without an effort. The samples that you get using this method are much easier to collect and can mostly be analyzed immediately. Professionals usually use tape or other sticky media to gather non-viable samples.

Tapes are pressed in the area where mold grows and will be sealed in a clean plastic bag to be examined in the laboratory.

What The Real Pros Do and Say?

  • Viable testing method gives more accurate information
  • Air testing is somehow effective, because mold spores are airborne
  • Conducting complete method will give more information
  • Non-viable testing is easy and quick
  • Tape testing can be useful for the clearance testing after mold remediation.
  • Gathering of density data will not be necessary needed if there's already a tape testing
  • Tape Testing is effective in identifying the types of mold present in your house
  • Mold Testing helps you know the root cause of mold growth, including the proper ways to get rid of them
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