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Mold Testing Benefits

There are many ways you can benefit from mold testing. Even if your home or business doesn’t show any obvious signs of mold there are still good reasons for you to have it tested annually.

Prevent Health Problems

The biggest danger of mold is the fact that some species of black mold are very toxic. Symptoms can range from shortness of breath, wheezing, and chronic illness to even life-threatening symptoms.

Other species of mold can also be very dangerous if you, someone in your family or one of your employees is allergic to it. In most cases when mold proves to be fatal, this is typically the reason.

The good news is that most health problems associated with mold tend to go away once it is removed. This makes mold testing regularly at your home or business very important.

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Locate and Eliminate Sources of Moisture

Mold typically grows in areas of your home or business where moisture is prevalent. This could be in areas such as the bathroom, dishwashing station, or in typically inaccessible areas where you may have a leak.

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In some cases mold testing can reveal leaks and other unexpected sources of moisture. This will allow you to promptly deal with these moisture problems and prevent your home or business from being rotted away from the inside out.

Mold testing can save you tons of money on repairs and renovations down the road as well as ensuring that your property maintains its value.

Provide Evidence for Insurance Claims and Litigation

In some cases a mold problem may be cause for an insurance claim or litigation (typically against a builder or remodeling company). When situations such as these arise mold testing can give you the evidence you need to proceed with your insurance claim or lawsuit.

This can be a complex topic so feel free to call us at 407-442-2725 if you have any questions regarding insurance or legal proceedings and mold testing.

Adjust Property Values

The presence of mold in a building (or lack-there-of) can have a large impact on the property value. If you are selling your home or place of business, or buying one it is in your best interest to have it tested for mold ASAP.

For example, if you are selling your home and you have it tested for mold and find none, it can increase the property value for you. Even if mold is found you can have it swiftly eliminated. The property value can then increase now that your home is confirmed to be mold free.

Avoid Lawsuits

If you run a business it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are provided with a safe place to work and that they are not exposed to potentially toxic mold. Failure to prevent this can lead to all kinds of legal issues that you’re better off avoiding.

Regularly testing the work area for signs of mold isn’t just in the best interest of your employees, it is in the best interest of your business as a whole.

It is also wise to have your home tested for mold before selling it. Selling a home with hidden toxic mold can have vast legal consequences whether you know it or not, especially if the new owners suffer health problems because of it.

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Regular mold testing can really pay off, both in the long run, and in the short-term. On the other hand, ignoring a potential mold problem can be disastrous for your health, your business, and for your property value.

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